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How it works

Read on if you are a supplier - provider, how to promote your company and your products through HelleniCorner or if you are a consumer, how you can find and order products and/or services that you are interested in through our website.

For suppliers-providers

Through email you send us information about your business, such as:

• website
• contact email
• picture of your logo
• product /service photos
• your business address (street, number, postcode, city)
• contact phone number
• short text (2-3 lines), which describes your professional activities

For consumers

Search for your favorite product or service:

• by selecting the category that interests you
• or by using the searching bar according to your own criteria.

Once you have selected your product or service, for which you are interested in, you have to contact the supplier/provider via the contact information (phone, email) , so to proceed with your order.

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