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Natural beauty masks with materials that are found in our home are quite widespread. However, few of us do it because we prefer chemicals that promise many actions and benefits. So I decided to write about my favorite natural beauty mask with honey, which, in addition it’s incredibly simple,it gives fantastic results. Honey helps protect the skin from germs is a natural moisturizer, has anti-aging effects and is of course very nutritious, whether on food or outside. It also helps in acne, and as strange as it may seem to you, it has antiseptic effects and cleanses on the face.

One teaspoon of honey
One teaspoon of olive oil
Lavender oil or other herb, two drops (optional).
Mix the materials and place the mask over the face for about 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and tap with the towel. The skin is more elastic and shiny. It keeps the natural oils of the face and is suitable for the days when the skin looks “dry” and colorless.

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