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2 aubergines (cut into cubes)
2 zucchini (diced)
3 colored peppers (cut into cubes)
2 carrots (sliced)
3 potatoes (cut into cubes)
2 onions (finely chopped)
3 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
2 chopped tomatoes
2 spoons of tomato sauce
1 bunch of parsley (finely chopped)
olive oil

We sauté the onion with the garlic in the olive oil. Pour all the vegetables together with onion and garlic. If they soften, add the tomato and the 2 tablespoons of the tomato sauce together with the parsley. Pour water so that they are covered in half. Let them simmer. If we need water we fill in. When boiled they are served with slice of feta cheese.
Have a nice appetite!

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