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Greece is a country known for its nature! The blue waters and the abundance of beaches come in full complement to its flora and its mountains! Counting 258 mountains, 5,700 species of plants have been recorded and along with the subspecies this number is 6,308. The above figures correspond to the flora of our country at 45-50% of the flora of all Europe and 80% of the flora of the Balkan Peninsula. In Greece, of the 5,700 plant species, 750 (13.2% of the total) are endemic, that means, they are not found anywhere else than the Greek border! This is due to the fact that our country is a crossroads between Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia because the geological history of the place created a unique and varied and fragmented relief with many islands, mountains, isolated ravines, peaks and cliffs.

In addition, according to recent measuremnets  (Fauna Europaea 2004), 23,130 species of land and freshwater species have been recorded in Greece. We can add another 3,500 species of the sea. If we add a number of items that have been recorded but are not included in today’s catalogs, we reach a total of about 30,000 items.  It is believed that if the Greek fauna is fully studied, it should include about 50,000 species!

All of this, along with its rivers, lakes and other geomorphological features make it a paradise where all people can find wildlife activities, including bird watching, nature, hiking, winter sports, climbing, canoe and more !! So it covers a huge variety of desires and activities even of the most demanding tastes! An excursion to Greek nature is worth the visit, leaving a taste of magic and relaxation at the end!

Konstantara Thomai

Forester – Enviromentalist

Photos : Natalia Mpismpa and personal documets

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