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40-50  grape leaves , softened with warm water for 2-3 minutes
1 1/2 carolina rice
1/2 bunch of mint
3-4 fresh onions , some dill (chopped)
olive oil aw much as you want
salt , pepper , and some lemon juice.
Inside a pot put the rice , that first has been rinced with water. Then , add some warm water  so that it will not cover the rice and let it be boiled.
Add the onions , the dill , and the mint and then pour the oilive oil , the salt with the pepper and the lemon juice.Mix them all well and get ready to roll.
Pick one grape leaf and place it over a cutting board. The side of the grape leaf that has more nerves is the one that the rice will be placed on.
Add a tsp of rice in the nerve looking side of the grape leaf and choose the widest part of it. First , close the side parts of the leaf and place them upon the rice , so you will create a more straight look. After that , roll from the upper part to the other part to give them the cylindrical feeling. Be carefull to not roll them too tight , or too loose!!
Place them in the pot , one next to another , with circular way , until we have nothing left and build layers. Add some lemon juice and olive oil. Add a plate upon them , so while the are being boiled they will not crack open. Last but not least , add some warm water until the pot is half filled.
Your heat is in low temperature , and if you feel is needed , add more water. Approximate cooking time is about 45 minutes.
They can be best served after they cool down with some greek yogurt!
Have a nice meal!

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