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Recipe for 4 people


5 medium sized bell peppers (remove any seeds and inner parts)

3 zucchini (cut them in half and remove the pith)

5 tomatoes (cut the upper part as a “hat” and remove the inner parts and the seeds)

Parsley ,  mint , 1 cup, rice (caroline)  300-400 gr. minced meat , salt , pepper , tomato sauce 2 Tsp , olive oil , 1 big onion , 2 potatoes cut in cubic shaped



First , mix in a bawl the minced meat with the chopped onion , mint , parley , rice , salt , pepper , olive oil and the tomato sauce  dissolved with some water. Make sure the stuffing to be a bit fluid (if needed add water).


Stuff the vegetables with the mix and put them in a baking pan. Where there is an empty spot add some potatoes.

Add some salt , pour olive oil and add water.

Bake at  180c . When they get a brown colour remove the pan in order to turn them upside down and continue cooking. It will approximately nees 1 more hour until it’s finally cooked.

Serve with greek yoghurt or feta cheese and of course , with Greek salad.

Enjoy your meal ! 

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