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Preparation time:30΄

Level of Difficulty  : medium

Ingredients for  4 people:

3 medium sized zucchini  (washed )and grounded

2-3 fresh onions  (washed  , cut in thin slices)

1 dry onion, small and chopped

Dill (1/3 bunch), mint (2 κλωναράκια) ,2 eggs , salt ,  pepper ,  feta cheese, flour (as much as is needed)


At first , we ground the zucchinis with salt in a strainer in order to drain and then we squeeze them in our hands tightly to minimize the fluids. Then , put the zucchini parts  in a bawl  and add the dry onion , the fresh onion , the dill and the mint and mix them well. After that , add the eggs , salt , pepper , feta and finally add flour and mix them again.

The final form should be a solid puree.

Let the mix rest in the fridge for one hour. Prepare one frying pan with a good amount of virgin olive oil.

When the mix is out of the fridge , make sure you pick same sized portions with a tablespoon and pour them in the hot olive oil (with this way they will absorb less oil).

When they are browned from one side you shall turn them over.

Serve them warm and not hot! Ideally , accompany them with tzatziki!


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