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Hippocrates soup – A natural medicine for a strong immune system

Soup is one of the most nutritious and tasty foods and does very good to our health.

Also, lately it has become ‘fashion’ to eat soups outside as you can find a wide variety of different flavors.

Hippocrates soup is a healthy variant and part of Gerson’s cancer treatment. Heals and strengthens the immune system and the kidneys.

It is a very tasty and nutritious soup, intended for kidney cleansing. It can be consumed by anyone who wants to improve their health.

See the recipe and make it yourself.


1 medium celery or 3-4 celery stalks – remove the outer skin

1 medium parsley root


2 small leeks or one large

680 gr tomatoes

2 medium onions

450 g olive parsley potatoes and leaves – add 5-10 minutes before the end



Do not peel the materials, but wash and rub gently. Cut them into chunks and put in non-toxic cookware. Add filtered water to cover the vegetables, simmer for 2 hours until the vegetables have softened.

Put cooked vegetables in a grinder or blender until they have a soft texture. Do this as long as the soup is hot but not hot.

To add flavor, add different spices. Serve warm. When it has cooled you can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator and consume it within 48 hours. To reheat it, heat the eye and not the microwave.

Source: [vita]

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