Apis Honey

Panagiotis Papadopoulos | Producer

In 2007 I started cowardly as an amateur by gaining my first knowledge from the AUTOMATION LABORATORY of the AUTH but also alongside old and experienced beekeepers.

With forty hives in the beginning , I settled on the slopes of the Katerini Mountains of N. Pieria. Because of my love for nature and my love of beekeeping, I decided to become a professional honey producer to share the wonderful taste and nutritional value of his honey and with all my friends and my late clients.

So in 2007 the forty hives had gradually become 250 and began to move from the slopes of the Ossa Mountains to the wider area and mountains of Central and Western Macedonia, and mainly the slopes of Halkidiki, Aridea of ​​Thassos and more.

We are actively participating in the biggest honeymoon festivals in Thessaloniki and Athens. The excellent quality of our products, our steady progress and our relationship with our old customers, make us constantly meet new friends and customers.

We produce in addition to pure honey which is available in many different varieties per season and flowering, and many other pure products (pollen, royal jelly, propolis, honeycomb, wax face and hand wax, lip balm, rakomelo, pastel exclusively honey etc.), but also new queens and new small and larger bees depending on the season and the mood of the buyer.

Keeping the high values ​​of life we ​​want our products to be pure and healthy as they are not processed during their collection and standardization.



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