Saleb Salonikis

Salepi Salonikis
Adamantiou Korai 4 , Thessaloniki

Salepi Salonikis  occurs under various names, saleb, sahlab, salob, saloop, salub, sahlep, and was extremely widespread in the 17th and 18th centuries. During this period of time the beverage was widespread  from East to  Europe. Special mention was made of powder imported from the East, which had the highest price.

The powdered flour from the orchid root is almost tasteless and when mixed with hot milk, its coagulant properties are not easily distinguishable from other starches.

This plant, Orchis mascula, is native to most of Europe and is widely used in the Canary Islands as a whole , whilst  in the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and the Eastt is used as a cooking ingredient.

Our products meet everyone’s needs, with categories of flavors in Saleb such as:

  • With sugar-free candy
  • With vanilla without sugar
  • With no sugar
  • With vanilla
  • With caramel

It is clear that Saleb has been regarded as beneficial to the body ever since, and in some cases, even as the magic antidote to alcoholism.



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