Prerequisite for your cooperation with Hellenic Corner (hereinafter HC) is the acceptance of HC terms on the part of the supplier or provider of products and/or services.

Terms and conditions may change anytime

1) The operator and/or owner of the website or free website provider who is registered in the HC platform accepts that (s)he is solely responsible for the content (text, video, photos, etc.). Also declares that (s)he accepts and allows playback of his/her content on social media of HC.

2) All information of the producers or providers, which are notified, are based on the information they provided to us by themselves. They are therefore solely responsible for the availability of their products and/or services, quality, price and other information, such as address, phone numbers and website address.

3) The supplier or providor is responsible for the full and proper availability of his/her information. Any ambiguity about his/her professional activity; eg address, contact numbers, email address or any problematic products/services), which will result the loss of: life, health, earnings, or enforcement of consumer’s damage, direct or subsequent solely burdens the supplier or provider of products and/or services.


HC is not liable for the supplier or provider in case (s)he requires additional money from the customer for selling a product/service in relation to what is published in the HC platform.

HC is not responsible for any duties to be imposed on the products and any withholding at customs authorities of product destination. To align with local customs-tax authorities are responsible consumers and the product providers.

HC is not liable for any punitive, special, indirect or consequential loss or damage, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of or damage of reputation, loss of entitlement to compensation.

All service providers and producers, who register photographic or film material for their promotion, certify that they hold the copyright for publishing photographs or have the express consent of the owner of the photographic or film material.