Chalkidiki now has its own beer and it is delicious! Refreshing, delicious and original, Valtinger begins her journey based in Kassandria on the first leg of Chalkidiki.

But let’s get back to the beginning…

Greek beer Valtinger, was born in Kassandria by eco brewer Thanassis Misaltis and is the only local beer in Chalkidiki . Currently we have 2 beer labels, Valtinger Golden Honey Ale and Valtinger German style Pilsner. If you are wondering about the name origin , the explanation comes immediately: Kassandreia Halkidiki or Valta gave the prefix to the name of beer, while the German ending comes in honor of Thanassis’ wife, who is of German descent. Necessary ingredient for a fresh Chalkidiki beer, of course is the humor!

But the journey has only just begun (with only one year of operation) and has new recipes, epileptic and non-recipes, and collaboration brews with other small breweries… .. Stay tuned and remember……..

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