FLORINA’S APPARATUS INDUSTRY LTD (VIOFLO) is located in Perina Florina and since 2000 has been active in the field of production and standardization of appetizer products managed with modern business concept.

Housed in proprietary facilities, it is fully equipped with the necessary machinery, has an experienced staff, a selected network of transport of its products, points that led it in 2006 to become export-oriented, making it reliable in the market.

BIOFLO LTD considers it its duty to maintain high quality standards across its range of processes and to comply with hygiene rules. The culmination of this effort is its certification according to ELOT EN ISO 22000 standards.

Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, the company invests in people and respects the customer.

Our customer needs are always at the forefront, using only pure raw materials (boosting our local producers) we produce a significant number of appetizers.

Bioflo, a company with deep knowledge, likes to create new products with its customers, the result of this effort is a large existing range of codes – products. With the aim of the two-pronged “Quality – Service” maintains a clientele serving privately-owned refrigerators as well as selected partners.

Our packaging is a solution for both professionals and housewives (packaging varies and customized according to customer needs).

Our daily supply is based on competitive prices, adherence to principles and practices that ensure safe and nutritious products.

Practically all these years demonstrating consistency and respect from production to the consumer with quality non-copied products.

We are confident in what we produce and propose

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