This is the year that the first bees were bought and the name Honey from
Macedonian land
makes the adventure begins.
It will take 7 years to gain knowledge and experience on
beekeeping to make the occupation professional in 2007.

In the following years, beekeeping is a permanent occupation.
Various types of honey are produced from different regions of Greece (Koumaria Olympou, Sage Kozani, Pefko Halkidiki, Agrafa , Orange Artas, Rikki Olympou, etc.)

But the prefectures are getting more and more volatile each year and you are in need of new products.

In 2012, the production of one-on-one pastels begins
Grandma’s recipe with honey, sesame and cinnamon ingredients.
Production at the beginning had is a few dozen pastels but the reaction of the world was about to change that.

So in 2016 a modern workshop for the production of pastels and various other snacks with honey, sesame seeds, peanuts, oats, black chocolate, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and other seeds was made and equipped.
Alongside, the verticality needed to guarantee quality initially and low cost in the secondary imposes the production of sesame and peanuts which are the raw materials other than honey.

So we get to today where we can offer honey, tahini, peanut butter, pastels, cereal bars, black chocolate pastel with peanut paste, various kinds of bars, etc. in excellent quality and very good prices.

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