Nature Blessed is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottling, standardizing and trading company, located in North Greece, Thessaloniki.

We use for our production the finest varieties of Greek olive oils, the core ingredient of Mediterranean Diet!

We are olive oil producers for the last 35 years, we combining our deep knowledge of traditional production techniques with high-tech quality control to provide the hidden treasures of Greek nature.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the core ingredient of the celebrated Mediterranean diet. This is why we, at Nature Blessed, traveled all around Greece, in search of farmers whom we share the same values with; using optimal growing conditions, farming practices and harvesting techniques, all based on sustainability.

For us, Olive Oil is emotion and way of life, we used as a main ingredient our love and this is proved by the international awards that we already have win.

Born in the foot of Mount Olympus, ‘Nature Blessed’ are two words that summarize a local effort to captivate and bottle the essence of the Mediterranean olive oil.

The produced olive oil is Premium Extra Virgin with very low acidity <0,2, as well as Extra Virgin Olive oil with acidity≤0,35. We bottle and standardize this olive oil in our facilities in Thessaloniki industrial area, and we control every step of production until the delivery to the clients.

In addition, we keep our standards high as being certified with ISO 22000:2005.

Furthermore, our food technician in collaboration with distinguished chef , created for us the unique olive oil dressing, Mediterranean Flavors, which combines our olive oil with mixed herbs and spices. The series Mediterranean Flavors, mainly created as Olive Oil Dressing for meat and fish, but also fits perfectly with salads and other recipes such as pasta, legumes and cooked vegetables. The series has been awarded for its quality, taste and packaging(appearance).

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